Azure Search (Part -I) – Setup Blog storage for azure search

Azure Search is a search-as-a-service cloud solution that gives developers APIs and tools for adding a rich search experience over private, heterogenous content in web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

Azure search is covered in two separate articles.
Azure Search – Setup Blog storage for azure search
Azure Search – Configure Blob storage for azure search

By completing this article, you will familier with the following

Create Blob storage account

Login to Click “Create a Resource”
Choose Storage account from Azure Market Place. Refer screenshot below

  • Create Blob storage account for azure search
  • Connect Blob storage account from Azure Storage Explorer
  • Create container and upload documents
  • Set custom metadata to the Blob content
  • Create Azure Search and Index Blob storage
  • Set metadata property as Searchable, Filterable, Quarriable, Allow Multi-Value

Next, select Subscription, Resource group if already exist create otherwise, Enter storage account name, Location. Leave the other options as default.

Click Next: Advanced >

Note : Do not change anything. Make sure DATA LAKE STORAGE GEN2 is disabled. Since Microsoft not yet supported Data lake Gen 2 enabled Blob in Azure Search.

Click next to Review and Create blob storage account.  After few seconds storage account will be provisioned.

Upload content into Blob container

There are two ways you can access Azure Blog Storage. From browser, by Clicking “Storage Explorer (Preview)” link as in the screenshot above. You can download Microsoft Azure Explore client application and install in your local machine.
I am going to use Microsoft Azure Explorer installed in my local machine. You have to follow two simple steps to connect.

Open the Azure Explorer and add azure account to login. Click Connect to Azure Storage button from the left-hand side. The following pop-up will appear to select various options. You just select “Use a Connection String” and click next.

Go to Azure portal, open Azure blob storage account from the corresponding Resource Group. Click “Access keys” from Settings. Copy “Connection string” from Key1

Go to Azure Storage explorer, enter the connection string. Display Name automatically populated. You can change the name as you like.

Click connect. After successful connection, you can see the blob storage account listed under your Azure subscription

Create container and upload documents

Click “Create blob container” by right click on Blob container and enter container name. I gave “azsearch” in this article

Click “upload files” option from “Upload” menu and add document in any type

Set custom metadata to the Blob content

Right click uploaded document and select properties. Under Metadata section, click “Add Metadata”

Azure Search – Configure Blob storage for azure search >>

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